3 Tips to follow after your Job Seeker Visa is approved

Once your Job Seeker Visa is approved and you are ready to travel to Germany, you may find yourself stressed out or confused with questions like how and when to apply for jobs and when to schedule your travel. This post aims to answer those questions and address any concerns you may have and gives an idea of how to plan and land successful interviews after or before you arrive in Germany.

3 Tips to Follow

When to travel once your Job Seeker Visa is approved?

You can travel immediately or after a few weeks depending on your convenience. Once your Job Seeker Visa interview is complete, you will get an email from the consulate requiring you to bring your Passport, Health Insurance, and travel tickets.

If you cannot finalize your travel date just yet, you can always present a booked Flight Itinerary and/or Flight Reservation from companies like yatra or similar services and hold the tickets without paying for the full cost of the Flight Ticket.

How to apply for jobs?

By now you should already have a well-written Resume to show for. As an additional step, if you haven’t done it already, update the address in your resume to that of the place where you plan to reside in Germany. A candidate with an address in Germany is much likely to be prioritized over a candidate outside the country. The contact number however can be from whichever country you’re coming from (almost all the companies offer you to choose between Skype and a phone call and you can choose the former). Also, mention the Job Seeker Visa details (validity) so that employers have an idea about your visa

Once your resume is tweaked in this way, you can start applying on sites like stepstone.de, Linkedin, Xing, meinstadt.de, and indeed.de. etc. Set Job alerts for your role so that you get notified instead of digging the entire job list.

Some companies post job descriptions in German and might still be interested in accepting candidates who do not speak German. So translate such matching roles and apply them to them anyway to increase your chances.

When to apply for jobs?

You can apply from your country following the steps above as soon as your Job Seeker Visa is approved. As mentioned earlier, just change your address and you will get the interview calls.

Note: If you do get any interview calls, do not try to lie about your current location. If they expect you to attend a face-to-face interview and it is not possible for you to be in Germany by then, simply inform them that you’re currently not in Germany and will arrive there by a specified time.

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