Job Seeker Visa: 5 steps to follow to achieve your dream job in Germany

You made a big decision to move to Germany and start working here. Follow these 5 steps to get your dream job with the Job Seeker Visa.

Before that I would suggest going through the post Job Seeker Visa Explained

5 Steps to Follow

Step 1: Apply for Job Seeker Visa

  • Book a Visa appointment based on your location
  • Prepare the documents
  • Get the approval for a visa
  • Fly to Germany

Step 2: Create the perfect resume

Recruiters get hundreds of resumes. If your resume does not grab their attention in the first few seconds, it will be thrown in the trash heap.

Recruiters eliminate resumes not only on content but also on how they look. If they are poorly formatted, too short, or really ugly, content almost doesn’t matter.

Most of the German employers are happy with Euro pass CV. You can create one here.

Step 3: Applying for jobs

Finding a job is never easy and especially without effort and proper process it is challenging to land a job. Follow the process, and prepare the perfect CV and cover letter.

Here is the list of some portals to apply to as soon as you hold the Job Seeker Visa

  • LinkedIn
  • StackOverflow

Step 4: Crack the Interview

Cracking the interview is never easy if you don’t follow proper guidelines. Here are some tips that may help you

  1. Always be confident
  2. Dress well
  3. Don’t fake anything as German employers believe in trust
  4. Trust yourself
  5. Arrive early, Don’t be late.
  6. Research about the company

Step 5: Applying for a Work Permit/Blue Card

The last step is to get the work permit/Blue Card. The Job Seeker Visa’s purpose is only to give you enough time to find a job in Germany, not exceeding 6 months. You can’t work with the Job Seeker Visa and you need to convert to a Work Permit before starting your career in Germany.