9 popular questions asked in the Job Seeker Visa interview

After spending efforts on documentation for your Job Seeker Visa interview, if you don’t prepare well for the questions asked in the interview, it can lead to rejection.

Here are some commonly asked questions. Make sure you prepare well and attend the visa interview

Questions asked in Job Seeker Visa Interview:

1. Introduce yourself?

2. Why do you want to go only to Germany? Why not other countries like the USA or Australia or the UK?

3. What is your motivation to go to Germany?

4. Did you research the job market in Germany?

5. Do you know anyone in Germany?

6. Where will you stay in Germany?

7. Did you already apply to any jobs?

8. How confident are you to get a job after reaching Germany?

9. Will you come back after a few years or stay in Germany?

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