2 possible ideas to extend Job Seeker Visa

This post gives you a list of some possible ways to extend Job Seeker Visa if your visa is due for expiry soon.

Germany’s Job Seeker Visa is to encourage more qualified professionals from abroad to come to Germany. With this Visa, you can stay in Germany for six months and search for a job and you cannot extend it further than that period as per law. However, there are some possible ways to extend Job Seeker Visa and we shall see that in detail in this post.

A lot of people take a risk and come to Germany for 6 months to search for a job with Job Seeker Visa. But, at the end of these 6 months if you end up with nil offers on your hand, you need to head back to your own country which can be very disappointing for some.

If you are lucky, one of these ways can help in extending your visa.

Please note that these methods are not approved by law and therefore are not reliable. There is a probability that these might work as it had already worked for some people.

Upcoming interviews to extend Job Seeker Visa:

If your visa is about to expire and you have some interviews lined up already post the expiry date of your visa, there is a possibility that you can extend your visa. All you need to do is collect proof of email copies and head to Auslandebehörde. Submit your email copies and explain that you need more time to stay in Germany and finish your interviews. If you are lucky and convincing enough, it will be considered and they will extend your visa for up to 3 months or more. Keep in mind that it may not be considered for everyone. But, it’s worth trying your luck.

Remember, you need to show the proof of funds in your bank account for the months extended

Ausbildungsstelle to extend Job Seeker Visa:

Ausbildungsstelle means Apprenticeship in English. This is basically you getting trained in a skill and in return, some companies pay a small amount as salary or you simply get work experience for no pay. Find and apply to some companies that provide such training/internship and once you get a contract, submit the same in Auslandebehörde explaining the nature of work. They will likely consider this and convert your visa to a student visa. You can search for these training/internship type jobs on stepstone or job portals.

If you know of any other ways, please add those in comments so that it can be useful to others who look for extending their visa. Remember that this will only work depending on various factors including the city from which you apply. However, if nothing works do not be disappointed to return to your country. Prepare well, brush up your german skills, and apply again after 6 months..

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