Top 6 facts about Germans

Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the world. There is a lot of facts in Germany, home of more than 80 million people diversified in different ethnic groups. We will talk about the top 6 in this post.


Germans are very punctual and expect others to be. They always make it on time or 10-15 mins earlier for appointments. If you ever meet a German or have a date with a German girl or boy, make sure you arrive on time or earlier.


Most Germans like to plan their day earlier. They like to have a schedule each day of things they have to achieve and things they want to get done by the end of the day.

Following rules:

Most Germans are systematic and stick to the rules. If you break the rules like crossing the traffic signal when red, they might get offended. Over time, Germans have established a set of rules to manage every part of life.


Beer has a long tradition in Germany and is crafted only from 5 ingredients. Every city is proud of its own beer brand. Germans love beer on every occasion. All restaurants serve beer mostly regional brands based on region. And a lot of bars, restaurants advertise which beer they sell. You may not find water, but definitely beer 🙂


Germans love to speak their own language Deutsch and expect you to speak the same. Different parts of Germany has different dialects.


Most Germans are coffee lovers and Germany is the 3rd largest market for coffee in the world.

There are still many more interesting facts about the Germans. But these top 6 facts give you some idea. What do you think about the facts? Please add in comments if you know more

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