Hospitals and Clinics in Berlin for expats

If you’re not comfortable with German so much to explain, you can simply switch to practitioners who could communicate in your language.

Doctena is a website which lets you find doctors of any specialty based on the language you prefer and book an appointment! There are other websites too such as Docinsider, which shares information about local doctors and medical centers in Berlin and also other German cities.

The Top Hospitals and clinics in Berlin that offer assistance in multiple languages such as English, Russian, Arabic, or French are:

HELIOS Kliniken Berlin-Buch  

The Helios Clinic Berlin-Buch is one of the largest clinics in Berlin with a capacity of more than 1000 beds arranged in about 30 clinics, centers and institutes. Because of intertwined Outpatient care and inpatient care and close cooperation the patient has access to all aspects of comprehensive medical care in one location.

  • Address: Schwanebecker Chaussee 50, 13125 Berlin.
  • Telephone number: +49 30 94010


  • About 20 Kms away from Berlin City Center
  • S-Bahn line – S2
  • Bus route – 893

Immanuel Hospital

The Immanuel Hospital Berlin is an acute clinic that is situated in two locations: at the Berlin-Wannsee location with a focus on rheumatic orthopedics, rheumatology and naturopathy, and at the Berlin-Buch location with a focus on rheumatology.

Berlin-Wannsee Location

  • Address: Königstraße 63, 14109 Berlin
  • Telephone number: Wannsee: +49 30 80505-0


  • About 23 Kms away from Berlin City Center
  • S-Bahn line – S1, S7
  • Bus Routes –114, 118, 218, 316, 318, N 16
  • Bus stop “Am Kleinen Wannsee”

Berlin-Buch Location

  • Address: Lindenberger Weg 19, 13125 Berlin-Buch
  • Telephone Number – 030 94792-0


  • S-Bahn station  – Berlin Buch S2
  • Bus Route – 150, 158 (stop “Alt-Buch / Wiltbergstraße”)
  • Bus Route – 259, 353 (stop “Lindenberger Weg”)
  • Bus Route – 893 (stop “Schwanebecker Chaussee”)

St Hedwig Hospital

It is one of the most popular general hospitals in Berlin.

  • Address: Große Hamburger Str. 5-11, 10115 Berlin
  • Telephone number: (030) 2311-0
  • Emergency room number: (030) 2311-2267


  • Approximately 4 Kms from Berlin City Center
  • S-Bahn line – S1, S2, S3, S5, S7
  • Bus Route – 100, 142, 245

Charité Clinical Center

The Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin is one of Europe’s largest university hospitals, affiliated with Humboldt University and Free University Berlin.

  • Address: Charitéplatz1 1, 10117 Berlin
  • Telephone number: +49 30 450-50


  • Situated in the Berlin City Centre
  • S Bahn – S1, S25, S5, S9
  • Bus Route – 120, 142, 245, M85

Alexianer St. Joseph Hospital Berlin-Weißensee

The Hospital is renowned in the Pankow care district for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics with its affiliated departments and highly specialized day clinics. This hospital also has a neurology clinic specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

  • Address: Gartenstrasse 1, 13088 Berlin
  • Telephone: (030) 927- 900, (030) 92790- 700


  • Approximately 9 Kms away from Berlin City Centre
  • Bus Route: 142, 255, 259 Weißer See
  • S Bahn: S41 , S42 , S8, S85  
  • Tram: M4
  • Station: Greifswalder Straße

DRK Clinics Berlin

This clinic in Berlin has a central emergency department open to all patients around the clock. In addition to basic care at a high level with numerous specialist areas, there are several medical competence centers.

City Center Location

  • Address: DRK clinics Berlin Mitte |Drontheimer Str. 39 – 40, 13359 Berlin
  • Telephone: (030) 3035 – 6000


  • Situated in the City Center
  • Underground lines: U9 and U8
  • Tram Line: M13
  • Bus Routes: 255, 150 (stop right in front of the hospital at the Drontheimer Straße stop)

Westend Location

  • Address: DRK clinics Berlin Westend |Spandauer Damm 130, 14050 Berlin
  • Telephone: (030) 3035 – 0


  • Bus Route: M45 (stops directly in front of the hospital at the DRK-Krankenhaus Westend stop)
  • S Bahn: S41, S42, S46

Evangelical Elisabeth Clinic

It combines Christian charity with medical progress and attach just as much importance to human care as to the highest quality standards. As a house of basic and standard care with 150 beds, the hospital offers you modern, top-quality medicine in the heart of Berlin.

  • Address: Lützowstrasse 26, 10785 Berlin
  • Telephone: 030 2506-1


  • Situated in the Berlin City Centre
  • Bus Route: M29 to the Lützowplatz stop
  • Bus Route: M48 to the bus stop Lützowstraße / corner Potsdamer Straße
  • Bus Route: M85 to the bus stop Lützowstraße / corner Potsdamer Straße (goes via Berlin Hauptbahnhof)
  • Underground line: U1 to Kurfürstenstraße, approx. 5 minutes on foot or bus M48, M85
  • Underground line: U2 to Bülowstraße, approx. 7 minutes walk or bus M48, M85
  • S Bahn: S1, S2, S25, S26 to Potsdamer Platz, approx. 10 minutes on foot

For detailed route guides from your place to specific places you can use several apps like moovit to get the best applicable route and transportation.

Covid-19 Visiting Regulations for Hospitals and clinics in Berlin: According to the current Infection Protection Ordinance of the State of Berlin, every person is required to keep physical social contact with other people as low as possible. Due to the high proportion of immunosuppressed patients and to protect all patients and employees, you are advised to limit visits to the hospital as much as possible or avoid them.

Please coordinate this with the nursing staff at your ward. In principle, it is desirable if the visit is received in front of the hospital building to keep a distance. When entering the hospital, mouth and nose protection must be worn and the hospital’s hygiene rules must be observed.