The job interview process in Germany and how to crack it – Ultimate Guide

A lot of people are looking for jobs in Germany and to settle. Unlike other countries, Germany has a Job Seeker Visa to come to Germany and seek a job for 6 months. Also, you can apply directly from your country and if you are lucky enough, you might end up in Germany. But, if you want to crack the interview you need to know the job interview process in Germany and rounds. Let us go to the details that can be useful.

Preselection: CV shortlist

The first step is to apply for the role or position in the company. Generally, you apply for the job with a list of documents CV, Cover letter, and certificates if any. You can also call directly the company and inquire about the position. Once applied, you can wait for the email or call from the HR

All company HRs will receive a huge number of applications for job positions. The recruiter will take some time to go through all the CVs and shortlist the best candidates for the first round of job interviews.

Make your resume/CV perfect to get shortlisted. Invest some time on CV/resume and it’s worth it.

First round of Job interview:

Hurray, the time you invested in your CV/resume, and based on your skills, you are shortlisted for the first round. You must feel lucky as a lot of CVs can go to the trash bin. Treat this as important and prepare for the first round of job interviews. Usually, you will get an email from HR with different time options for an appointment. This could be a video call or audio call or sometimes, directly at the company.

You can choose the time based on your convenience and give the confirmation to the recruiter. Now, sit back and go through your resume and brush up your skills provided on your resume. The questions will not be out of the box and all questions related to the skills or experience mentioned in your resume.

Your CV/resume is the key for the first round of Job interview

Make sure you are on time for the interview and there are no distractions like noises or bad wifi connections, etc. The first round will be mostly with the recruiter/HR to check your skills and experience that fits the open role/position in the company.

Some questions that you can prepare before a Job interview:

  • Basic questions about the skills mentioned on the CV/resume
  • why do you apply for this position/role?
  • Why this company?
  • What are the achievements that made you proud of your previous work experience?
  • Why are you changing the job?
  • Do you speak German?
  • Are you interested to learn German?

There can be questions different than above and its just example as they are popular

Second Round of Job Interview:

The second round is the most crucial round to crack the job interview. Once the recruiter realizes that you fit the open position, your CV/resume will be forwarded to the respective team where you will be working with them once you are selected. You will get an email for the second round to choose the date and time.

The questions are completely technical or related to your experience based on the position you apply. Also, some questions on previous experiences, and studies. Remember don’t fake anything and if you don’t know something, say it and show them that you are interested to learn new things. Also, please make sure that you are communicated well and not show attitude. Even if you have skills and fit for the position, but if your attitude makes them you don’t fit the team and end up in rejection.

Your skills and confidence is crucial for the second round

This round can be a video call or directly at the company as well. For IT, it can be directly live coding tests or some companies will send you a coding challenge.

Third Round of Job Interview:

Some companies might end up with 2 rounds and you will know whether you are selected or rejected. But, most of the companies go for 3rd round as well. If it’s not IT, mostly could be another round to test your knowledge

If it’s IT, you will be getting a coding challenge that you will have time to finish in 1-2 weeks. Show your coding skills and don’t take any help from others. Because, you might survive the coding challenge, but later you might get fired or end up in rejection in a later round. It’s best to do it on your own and learn things.

The coding challenge will be based on your programming skills and can choose the language that you are familiar with

Final round:

Awesome, you passed all the rounds, and here on the final round of interviews. This round is not difficult and it is just to discuss your salary and introduce it to the team. This round mostly will be at the company as HR will take you around the office and introduce you to your colleagues.

The most lovable interview round 🙂

Be calm and kind to your new colleagues, and enjoy the happy moments as you are not jobless anymore :). You can also talk about salary negotiations and employee benefits with HR.


Some companies have only 2 rounds or 3 rounds and more. I narrowed it down to 4 rounds above that fit every category or role.

Important tips:

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