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Questions and answers on living and settling in Germany

I am a full stack java developer and having 8 years of experience, how is the market in Germany for full stack developers. Can I apply from India?

There are many jobs for full stack developer. Keep applying on portals stepstone, LinkedIn, xing, indeed, honeypot,

Do anyone have EU resume format for full stack developer?

Check this post for resume and CV

What about insurance when we need to show and what duration (mine is under Long term employment)

You can show the Insurance at the time you travel. After landing here, you can apply for statuary health insurance which is linked to your salary. As yours is the employment visa, show initially at the time of interview

How long I should take insurance for employment visa?

Following approval of the visa application and before the visa can be issued, you must provide evidence that you have travel insurance for the period between arrival in the country and commencement of employment, if
such evidence has not already been submitted

Do we need to submit any documents for booking the visa appointment or, only while at the interview time ??

No, documents are not required while booking the visa appointment. Prepare all your documents for visa interview

Do we need Insurance while attending the interview for the Job Seeker Visa? Or it is needed while traveling to Germany once the JSV is approved ??

In Some locations for example in Chennai, Insurance is not needed at the time of interview. Later they will mail to bring Flight tickets, insurance if your visa is approved. But some locations they expect at the time of interview. In that case, you can ask 1hr time and book online, take printout and submit

I am going to apply for both employment Visa and a dependent visa. If we are applying for a dependent visa along with employment Visa

1. Both should have different appointments for eg: one will be in within a week and another one will be after 1 month if it will take more than a month.

2. In the above case, if we will get employment Visa first and need to travel before the dependent visa appointment date, in this case how to handle?

3. Is it mandatory to attend in person at the time of dependent visa and vice versa?

4. Incase both visas approved at the same, is it ok travel dependent after 1 or 2 months?

Any ideas or suggestions?

As I understood, you are applying for a dependent visa and your husband applying for employment visa
1. If an employment visa is happening first, then I would suggest attending together (not sure if they allow) mentioning applying together. 
2. If they don’t allow, then you need to wait for a dependent visa and your husband can fly to Germany with employment visa
3. Your husband is not required while applying for a dependent visa.
4. Yes, if approved there is a time span of 3 or more months (Not sure exact number) but they will mention in the interview. So, you can travel after 1 or 2 months
I would suggest if a visa is approved, better to go at a time. Anything can happen later like COVID situation or whatever.

I have received one interview call from one company and they have set up informal meeting. Any idea what kind of questions they may ask? Looks like this is not technical discussion

They might ask basic technical question, idea about company you are applying for , your skillset (it’s better to explain them in detail) , about your current role and most important why Germany. Go through your resume and they gonna ask same thing

I have completed A2, now doing B1, can I start applying for jobs?

Yeah, Please apply even if you don’t have German skills. Mention that you are learning German and employers might be interested

Do the employers specifically ask for B1, B2 certification or learning German language is enough

No, certificate is not needed at all if you speak German:)

Is there any way can I use a German mobile number from India while applying job and even some address to mention?

I would say mention address when your visa is approved and you are about to travel in a few weeks or in a month. But, the visa is not approved I would not suggest keeping either German mobile number and address. If you keep it, can leads to a bad impression

Do we need the documents Proof of accommodation, proof of financials and proof of health insurance at the time of booking for an appointment? Or, at the time of interview ?

Proof of financials need to show at the time of interview. But health insurance, accommodation can show when visa is getting approved and they will ask to collect the passport second time or submit passport for visa stamping. But also depends on location

Is ZAB equivalency certificate is important for Job seeker visa?

It’s not required, just check your university is H+ in anabin portal

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