Complete guide to finding companies list in Germany

As I promised in the previous article (ways to apply for jobs in Germany), now let’s go through how can you find the companies list in Germany based on city and industry. Check the step-by-step guide below.

Guide to find companies list in Germany:

1. Open the website and click “Suchen”

Then you will see below screen

2. Select Industry in the branche drop-down. For ex: Select IT if you are in the IT field

3. Select a place in the ort field. For example: Enter Frankfurt am Main

4. Or You can select the region. For example, enter Hessen

5. You will see the results below

6. Click the company to open the details. For example, you should able to see the below screen if you select the company Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

7. Scroll down the page to the links section and click the website link. Go to their website and look for the career portal, search for the jobs. If there is no website link, copy the company name and search in Google to navigate to the career portal

The other way is to find companies listed in Germany by Google Maps. Let us know your feedback in the comments that helps to provide more useful information

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